Physical Health Challenges

Subconscious mind runs 98% of the behaviour, emotions and bodily functions. We don’t consciously decide when to beat the heart, or all the time focus on keeping the breath flowing.

Many physiological problems can have a psychosomatic cause, and the symptoms serve as a sign post to draw our attention to the area. If these signs go un-noticed for a prolonged period of time, the symptoms become chronic, but the root cause still remains. It’s only when the subconscious message is addressed that the symptoms start to leave the body.

Weight Loss

The process of getting to the optimal weight is often seen as a huge effort requiring strong discipline, massive sacrifice in enjoyment of social life. Usually this leads to a yo-yo effect when the willpower runs out and all the promises fail after a period of hard core dieting, resulting in even higher reading on the scale.

What if losing weight could be an easy and natural process?!

By engaging the power of your mind, it’s possible to rewire any old habits that are not helping in weight loss, and molding your motivation in such a way that you WANT to make the right choices. There’s no need for using the limited resources of you willpower, as the change happens naturally after addressing the underlying issues.

There are many other reasons for being over/underweight than just habits and motivation. At CMP we have noticed that one of the many possible unlying factors is self-worth. It’s paramount to ensure that one truly feels worthy of a beautiful body and ALLOWS him/herself to express that through their physical body. This is the aspect that is usually totally forgotten in all “lose weight now!” -fads. All this happens on the subconscious level, and once addressed, has proven to lead to easy and effortless weight management.

If you want to experience this kind of journey to your optimal weight, contact us to request a booking.

Stress Management

It’s been said that today people face 500 times more stressors in their daily life than our ancestors. This doesn’t only include the so called ‘obvious’ stressors like work, family and general busyness, but also constant information feed, social commitments, exciting projects that suck you in, and the pressure to make the ends meet or be better than someone else.

While these stressors are not life threatening at the time, our physiology interprets these the same way as our ancestors faced a lion: cortisol spikes and the body prepares us to flight or fight. Sadly, nowadays we don’t have the luxury of long periods without the imaginary lion scaring us, so the adrenals are overworked most of the time, causing sleep problems, weight gain, mental fog, and the list goes on.

Deep state of relaxation is the polar opposite to the stressful life. One can reach this state by regular meditation practice, listening to relaxing music or in many other ways. Deep state of trance in hypnotherapy session is often even more relaxing, as it’s guided to suit the individual needs and it addresses the root causes for stress, not the surface issues.

What also differentiates hypnotherapy from the rest is its long lasting effect on the quality of life. While the client is in the relaxed state, s/he can make changes on the subconscious level of her/his mind, which will inevitably affect how the person experiences stressful situations in the future.

Contact us today and get ready to kiss your stress goodbye.

Pain Control

Like many other physical symptoms, pain can be a useful indicator that something needs attention in the body. Sometimes, however, pain is created solely by our mind, which sends the signals to the brain and we experience a feeling, thought pattern or have other kind of response. Often this happens out of familiarity – once there truly was a painful and scary experience, and the subconscious mind generalised it to always be the case when a similar thing happens.

Hypnotherapy for pain control is maybe the most researched topic in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. No matter what kind of pain is in question, with hypnotherapy it’s possible to alleviate the intensity of the pain, if not remove it altogether.

It’s important not to remove the “healthy” signal that your body is giving, so please remember to always check with your GP if there indeed is a medical reason for the pain, before contacting us.

If you are experiencing pain that may have an element of psychosomatic connection, contact us for confidential chat.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When the gut causes problems on a daily basis, the quality of life decreses exponentially. Certainly, there are a long list of things one can do to help the physical body, such as aid the digestion, support the gut flora, eat good healthful foods etc.

If you have IBS symptoms despite your best conscious efforts to make it easy for your system to work properly, it’s likely there’s another script running on the background, on the subconscious level. This is what hypnotherapy can help reset.

Controlled study conducted in 2004 shows how hypnotherapy resulted in significant improvement in common IBS symptoms.

  • Aim was to evaluate the cognitive changes on a Cognitive Scale developed for Functional Bowel Disorders.

  • In this study 78 IBS patients completed a 12-session hypnosis treatment course.


  • Hypnotherapy resulted in improvement of symptoms, quality of life, anxiety and depression.

  • Unhelpful IBS related cognitions improved significantly. Patients experienced a reduction in the total cognitive score and all component themes related to bowel function.

  • Overall symptoms were reduced in correlation with an improvement on the cognitive scale.

Gonsalkorale WM, Toner BB, Whorwell PJ. J Psychosom Res. 2004 Mar;56(3):271-8

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