Peak Performance / Self – Improvement

Are you wanting to achieve higher highs? Run faster, be more productive, lift more, close more sales, speak confidently in front of groups or crowds?

The psychology of achievement is a key element in extending the human capacity to perform.
On one level everyone has a desire for growth; to be better than you were before or to be the best version of yourself. For example, a marathon runner may want to do a better time or a speaker may want to inspire bigger audiences to change. This is natural and healthy for well functioning human being.
You’ve got a goal, you’ve got the motivation but its not happening the way you see it? Are timelines bulging at the seams? Are presentations flat? Interviews choking?

When the stakes are high you need to perform your best.

Mindset is everything, you’ve trained, you’ve eaten right, slept well and the moment is waiting for you to be your best, if something inside is shrieking emergency after all that preparation, we can help you align with your body and conquer the moment.

Peak Performance can be divided into two categories, body and mind. While many people know that both the body and mind need to be in top shape to perform, generally people focus on only one as their primary and the other is a support. This will improve the performance, but significantly less than if both of these aspects are tuned to perfection.
At the Centre for Modern psychology we have experience with helping others overcome adversity to achieve their best in the most extreme circumstances.
We have worked with people wanting to excel in

  • Job Interviews
  • Dating
  • Trading
  • Body BuildingComp
  • Relationships
  • Surfing
  • Open Water
  • Diving
  • Motorcycle Riding

If you want to see how far your mind and body can can take you, book a free half hour consultation with us.

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