A Flexible Mind – Presuppositions

Easy change starts with a flexible mindset. Just as it is harder to bend an iron bar than to bend rope, a fixed mindset is harder to change than a flexible mindset To understand what makes a mindset we start off with understanding the fundamentals of mindset. The fundamentals of mindset are presuppositions. Presuppositions are the assumptions that are made to support a thought or idea. In practice they are the perceptual filters through which we interact with the external…

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The Conscious and Unconscious Minds: A Tale of Two Minds

By understanding the mind we can gain a better understanding of how we operate as human beings. For example, in understanding our emotions we can better use our emotions to our advantage rather than be victim to our emotions in letting them dictate our actions. To understand the mind we can understand its parts. The mind can be very simply divided into conscious and unconscious parts. The conscious mind is what you experience from day to day, during your waking…

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