Pain Management

Like many other physical symptoms, pain can be a useful indicator that something needs attention in the body. Sometimes, however, pain is created solely by our mind, which sends the signals to the brain and we experience a feeling, a thought or have another kind of response. Often this happens out of familiarity – once there truly was a painful and scary experience, and the subconscious mind generalised it to always be the case when a similar thing happens.

Hypnotherapy for pain management is maybe the most researched topic in the field of clinical hypnotherapy. No matter what kind of pain is in question, with hypnotherapy it’s possible to alleviate the intensity of the pain, if not remove it altogether.

It’s important not to remove the “healthy” signal that your body is giving, so please remember to always check with your GP if there indeed is a medical reason for the pain, before contacting us.

If you are experiencing pain that may have an element of psychosomatic connection, contact us for a confidential chat.

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