Chris McLeod

Co Founder of the Centre for Modern Psychology Chris is a Master Hypnotist and Certified Coach his passion is helping people create lasting change in their lives.

Chris trained originally in engineering and accounting, this formed the base for his natural curiosity and” if it works for you, its right for you” perspective he uses today. At heart a  learner, he is constantly innovating to create faster solutions for emotional challenges.

Chris’ focused and engaging style means that he can create the optimum conditions for rapid change. In a firm and compassionate way he leads the clients to experiences that will transform their lives.

Chris is a masterful and insightful practitioner and facilitator with the ability to see the underlying issues and address these in simple, fast and effective ways that open up new possibilities creating real and long lasting change.

Chris specialises in providing assistance for the following:

  • Natural Weight Loss

  • Phobias, Fears and Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Peak Performance, including

    • Study and Learning Optimisation

    • Sports Performance

 Sessions in English.

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