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The techniques we use at CMP have been used successfully in treating countless conditions, disorders and every-day problems since 1700’s. If there’s a problem where human mind is involved, hypnotherapy can help.


The Centre for Modern Psychology offers wide range of services to individuals who want to improve their quality of life, health and/or relationships.

 In short, CMP services can help you:

  1. Overcome limiting condition or behaviour

  2. Adjust to a sudden life event

  3. Reach peak performance in health, sports, career and relationships.

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    Creating better minds
    What they say about us

    “Hypnotherapy with Chris was absolutly blissful. Such a relief to get a complete break from being stressed, confused and worried!”

    Female, 31, Sydney, NSW

    “I don’t know what you did but it feels I’m meeting the moment better.” (to beat the anxiety in a stressful situation)

    Male, 31, Sydney, Australia

    Childhood trauma

    “I would recommend Chris’ treatments to anyone who wants to improve their life. Hypnotherapy truly works, and fast! And while it may take some courage to look within oneself, it’s SO worth it. Just go for it.”

    Female, 29, Perth, Western-Australia

    [During the session I felt..]..“Safe and relaxed. Naturally I experienced various fleeting emotions, many of them unpleasant, as can be expected in treatment of the anxiety. All in all, the overall feeling was that of safety.

    [I would recommend this service to..]..anyone who suffers from any kind of mental health issues. Actually I think that every single person who is willing to better their lives would benefit from this service.”

    Terhi, 47, Helsinki, Finland.

    “I have benefited from these sessions immensely. The effects are immediate.”

    Nina, 35, Perth, Western Australia


    “I suffered from severe pain on a regular basis. I had done a lot of different treatments, practiced meditation and other healing modalities, but there were recurring times when I felt like something was scraping me from inside. Not a pleasant feeling!

    Right after the series of sessions I felt like I had better connection with the deeper part of myself. I had found answers, and understood what had been going on earlier in my life. The pain I experienced changed completely. Now it’s more like a sensation that reminds me to take better care of myself.”

    Female, 29, Perth, Western Australia

    “As soon as I let myself get “lost in the moment” I felt relaxed yet focused. That is something that I haven’t felt before at the same time.

    [Afterwards I felt..]..relaxed and happier than before the session. I also like to mention that I slept very well the night after.

    [I would recommend this..]..basically to anyone who would like to try new approach with his/ her problems.”

    Elina, 30, Helsinki, Finland

    “I was lost with my future plans. I wanted to quit my well-paying corporate job that made me money but at the same made me sick. I had no clue what else I could be doing, and how to support myself. I knew I had to do something, and soon, otherwise my health was going to get worse.

    After three sessions I felt I had got a much better grip of things. I realised what is it that I need to direct my energy towards and how to go forward. My secret weapon for moving towards my goals is to book in every time I feel stuck. I know the answers are within me, but often I can’t get in touch with them.”

    Female, 31, Sydney, Australia

    Lost and confused – Career change

    “[Before the session I felt..] ..Anxious, nervous and a little panicky. I also had this quite overwhelming feeling of being trapped and weighed down by my anxiety.

    [Afterwards I felt..]..Very good. Sort of purged, light, energized and pleasantly tired. On the day after the session I had a huge breakthrough while I was resting and not actively thinking my problems.”

    Terhi, 47, Helsinki, Finland.

    Meet our team

    Chris McLeod

    Dip. of M. Psych. B. Sc. Chem Eng. and B. Comm

    Co Founder of the Centre for Modern Psychology Chris is a Master Hypnotist and Certified Coach his passion is helping people create lasting change in their lives.

    Chris trained originally in engineering and accounting, this formed the base for his natural curiosity and” if it works for you, its right for you” perspective he uses today. At heart a  learner, he is constantly innovating to create faster solutions for emotional challenges.

    Chris’ focused and engaging style means that he can create the optimum conditions for rapid change. In a firm and compassionate way he leads the clients to experiences that will transform their lives.

    Chris is a masterful and insightful practitioner and facilitator with the ability to see the underlying issues and address these in simple, fast and effective ways that open up new possibilities creating real and long lasting change.

    Chris specialises in providing assistance for the following:

    • Natural Weight Loss

    • Phobias, Fears and Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Insomnia

    • Peak Performance, including

      • Study and Learning Optimisation

      • Sports Performance

     Sessions in English.

    Katja Laukkanen

    Dip. of M. Psych. M. Sc. in Economics

    Katja is passionate about holistic health, optimal performance and guiding others to success through modern psychology techniques. She believes that everyone has the capability and the right to feel confident, happy and proud about themselves in their day-to-day lives, no matter what path they have chosen in the past, or are about to choose for themselves.

    Katja found her way to modern psychology through her own personal health challenges that didn’t only leave her with tens of thousands of health bills, but also took years to solve and made tens of doctors and health practitioners wondering what was going on with her health: mentally, physiologically and emotionally.

    Through further education, endless hours of reading, trial and error, desperation, countless moments of wanting to throw in the towel, she found hypnosis and realised that the keys to her complete health lied within her own subconscious mind. When she addressed her old beliefs, habits and other deep worn out ruts that stopped her from easing into perfect health, she realised it’s now her turn to help others find those answers easily and effortlessly.

    Katja specialises in treating the following:

    Stress management

    • Weight management (incl. nutritional coaching)
    • Attachments / Addictions
      • Substances
      • Career
      • Relationships
    • Grief and loss
    • Emotional balance

    Sessions in English and Finnish.

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    Modern Psychology Practitioners are not registered psychologists, and cannot diagnose for mental disorders. Individual results are dependant on personal willingness to change.
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